Offices & coworking for a new era

A private office, coworking or meeting rooms – choose the workspace that fits you the best. The lively bustle of the VillageWorks work community comes as a bonus with our smart workspaces.


The joys of work

  • Join a community of 2000 bright minds

    VillageWorks' community is made up of almost 2000 people from 400+ companies from all around the world. We attract an eclectic crowd of inspirational people from local startups to global businesses and bring brilliant specialists and ambitious newcomers under the same roof. Sharing thoughts over coffee with someone from a different field could bring fascinating viewpoints to the table and enrich your expertise.

  • Flexible solutions tailor-made for your needs

    We know that sometimes situations can change quickly, so we won't tie you down with long contracts. You are always free to adapt to your changing requirements. When the needs of your work change, your contract effortlessly goes along with the changes. You can upgrade to a bigger office or move from your own office to coworking mode. Our office spaces are made ready for you, and you can stay just as long as you like!

  • Yoga, workshops & events

    We believe in lifelong learning and networking - that is why we host workshops and after-work drinks. Join our weekly breakfast and yoga classes or learn new skills in our workshops. All events are free of charge to our members.


“For me, a good leadership is about being human”

April 1, 2022

What makes a good leader? VillageWorks’ theme of March was inspiring leaders and equality in work life. Honoring the theme, we asked VillageWorks’ member what qualities they value in a leader. Answers...

  • Yoga relaxation: neck & shoulders


    If you can’t come to yoga, our yoga will come to you! Our yoga instructor Maya has created a short 20-minute video building you through a relaxing neck and shoulders session you can do from the comfort of your home or office! Feel energized, reju...

  • How to Network in this New Era


    Why keeping contact with your Network is important There is no doubt that networking is an essential part of growth for your business. Sharing ideas with professionals from similar fields can help to find creative solutions, reliable partners and ne...

  • Is Business Growth a Necessity?


    One of the sustained ideologies of modern business is the expectation of continuous growth. I am not going to argue against that. However, I do wish to start with this notion: not every entrepreneur or company is seeking growth, and I don’t think ...

  • Letter to our members. Response to Coronavirus


    Dear VillageWorks member, We want to reach out to you during this difficult time. We are well aware that the current corona outbreak is causing worry for everyone in our community, and we hope to keep on supporting your business in this period of ...

  • Nordic Business Forum Breakfast & Live Stream


    Nordic Business Forum is here again with world-class speakers like George Clooney, Randy Zuckerberg and Steve Wozniak. Join our breakfast before the big event, and prepare yourself for two days of inspiration and networking.  Nordic Business Forum...