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Private offices, coworking & virtual offices in 9 locations in Finland. We will get you up and running fast, leaving you free to fully focus on your core business.

Village Works

  • Join our community of 400 companies

    Our community is made up of 400 entrepreneurs and companies from all around the world. We attract an eclectic crowd of interesting souls from professional locals to global business to our doors.

  • Learn new skills and have fun

    From Workshops to After Works, we host events every week. Join our weekly breakfast or yoga and learn new skills for free in our workshops.

  • Easy and flexible space

    Whether or not you need a permanent office, we will find you the best office space solution with a freedom to adapt to your changing requirements.


5 situations where it’s good to get help with your English


Finns are really good at English. No doubt about it. And this is something the nation can really be proud of. However, no matter how good you are at something, it's wise to know your own limits, and t...

  • The Anatomy of Failure by Jussi Heinilä


    Jussi Heinilä, our community ambassador, recently published an article discussing the anatomy of failure. He begins his article: “Similarly, to most people, failure is a difficult and sensitive subject for me. As a positive and optimistic person, fac...

  • Business Center Papula continues to grow under a new name


    The widely popular office hotel provider, formerly known as Business Center Papula, now goes by the name of VillageWorks. VillageWorks aims to bring together companies of different industries regardless of their size. “We strongly believe that great ...

  • Motivation May & Healthy After Work


    Motivation May, a month dedicated to a healthier life, is here once again! Besides taking the stairs on our way to the office, we will also learn how to breathe. Yes, that’s right. Our lovely yoga teacher Maya will teach us something new this month:...