Business Center Papula continues to grow under a new name

Daniela \\ 05.06.2019

The widely popular office hotel provider, formerly known as Business Center Papula, now goes by the name of VillageWorks. VillageWorks aims to bring together companies of different industries regardless of their size. “We strongly believe that great things are destined to happen when a programmer, a consultant and a photographer are all working in the same space.”

The company was founded 11 years ago by two Helsinki-based entrepreneurs, Petja Papula and Khuong Le, who both envisioned better and smarter working environments. The name change is a part of a larger rebranding process, in which, VillageWorks will adapt to the changing landscape of office spaces to suit the needs of entrepreneurs even better than before.

“Our business has experienced major growth during the last couple of years. We felt that our name should reflect better our business operations and the word ‘village’ truly appealed to us. The objective of our new concept is to form an active community and space that provides companies with everything they need in their day-to-day operations. In the past year alone, we’ve organized approximately 150 events for our 400 member companies.” Says Khuong Le, CEO of Business Center Papula.

Suomitalo is a new hub of events

The newest addition to VillageWorks, Suomitalo, will officially open in September 2019. The 2 000 square meter space is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses and provides versatile solutions for coworking, meetings and events.

“For the longest time, our focus had been on office spaces and their rental. A few years ago, we expanded our focus and added coworking-memberships to our repertoire, with the intention of attracting a larger customer base and serving smaller companies as well. In the future, we plan on expanding our customer base even further. In oppose to our competitors, our goal isn’t to limit ourselves to a certain target group, instead, we aim to bring together companies of all sizes and industries. We strongly believe that great things are destined to happen when a programmer, a consultant and a photographer are all inserted in the same workspace.” Tells Khuong Le.

Communality and collaborations are becoming increasingly important factors in the decision-making process of renting an office space. “I’m sure there are several similar office hotels but none of them compares to Papula and their expertise in customer satisfaction and community development. More and more members of Papula are becoming to feel like work colleagues, even though we’re not working under the same organization.” describes Oona Ikonen from Aava & Bang Oy, one of Papula’s many companies.

Business Center Papula is the second largest private provider of office spaces in Finland with a market share of 14 %. The company has nine unique locations in three different cities, Helsinki, Espoo and Lahti. The community consists of over 400 companies and 1 000 members.