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Daniela \\ 10.08.2019

Feeling sluggish after summer holidays? Now is a great time to get back to healthy lifestyle. Our weekly member yoga classes are back on schedule after few months summer break. Maya teaches yoga in Suomitalo every Tuesday at 17.30 and every Thursday morning at 8.30. Classes are free of charge to your members.

Besides our normal yoga practice, our lovely Maya will teach us something new this month: Yoga Nidra. If you have never heard of Nidra before, don’t worry. We will get a closer look at this deep relaxation method during September.

One hour nidra equals to 4 hours sleep

Yoga nidra is one of the most powerful methods not only for deep relaxation in a minimum amount of time, but also for the revival of degenerated brain centers. One hour of yoga nidra is equal to four hours of normal sleep.

In the borderline state of yoganidra, between sleep and wakefulness, you make contact with the superconscious part and the unconscious part of your psyche, where your past memories are collected. Those experiences that were especially negative or painful were driven deep into the unconscious area of our psyche, which is hidden behind conscious memories. However, they are still very active and are the source of our irrational fears and obsessions. Also in the unconscious part are instinctive desires, constantly seeking expression through our consciousness. Tension, in fact, is a bunch of suppressed energy, reinforcing those needs and desires that block the state of satisfaction.

During yoga nidra frustrations and blocked unfulfilled desires of get a way out, as a result of which the stresses are reduced and the energy that is enclosed in them is released.

Who needs nidra?

The practice of yoga nidra is recommended not only to those who are physically and mentally exhausted, but also for those who are tired of a passive lifestyle, and for those who have lost their interest in life.

Yoga nidra will also rejuvenate and revive the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the personality. This will help those with a tamass nature to create an additional flow of blood and energy. The practice of yoga nidra is especially recommended for those spiritually seeking people who suffer from fear, tension, anger, greed and other disharmonies. It is also indicated for those who want to develop more awareness and mental purity.

Member yoga classes in Suomitalo

Tuesdays at 17.30
Thursdays at 8.30

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