Letter to our members

Daniela \\ 19.03.2020

Dear VillageWorks member,

We want to reach out to you during this difficult time. We are well aware that the current corona outbreak is causing worry for everyone in our community, and we hope to keep on supporting your business in this period of uncertainty. To do this, we have implemented new measures to make working safer and easier during these exceptional times.

The wellbeing of our members and staff is a top priority for us. If you continue using your workspace, please, don’t forget our safety guidelines we posted last week. 

Here are the new measures we are taking to make our working life better:

Cleaning & Hygiene

We have distributed hand sanitizers and cleaning products to the premises, so everyone can wipe down their devices and desks. Kitchens will have disposable coffee cups from now on.

We ask all our members to pay extra attention to hygiene. Washing hands frequently and coughing/sneezing correctly. During these times we can’t stress enough the importance of placing your dishes straight into dishwasher and making sure all tissues and hand towels go straight in the bin after use.

Extra space

Feel free to use empty meeting rooms and office rooms, free of charge, whenever you need. Keeping a safe distance is important, also in the office. So, use the free space around you and keep a good distance to your fellow members. We will open all empty office rooms, and you can step into work if you wish. Be mindful towards others and remember that the empty offices are for everyone to use.

If a meeting room is empty, you may use it without a booking. Just keep in mind that those with valid bookings to meeting rooms have always the priority to use them.

We kindly ask you to keep a record of the visitors/non-members that you bring from outside the building to our premises and, upon request, to provide a list of those people.

PodCast studio

Many of you have been forced to cancel meetings and scheduled events. Since virtual is the new normal, we invite you to use our Studio room in Suomitalo free of charge. You can record podcasts and shoot webinars in the studio and this way keep touch virtually with your customers. If you’d like to use this opportunity, contact us: info@villageworks.com.

Event Spaces -50%

Are you forced to reschedule your events? You may change your booking free of charge to a later date. For those who you wish to think ahead, we offer the possibility to book and pay an event space during March and April with 50% discount and use the space anytime during 2020. This applies to all facilities for more than 10 people. Contact us to do this: info@villageworks.com

Online community events

Our events are now virtual. Maya will host our very first online yoga class next week Thursday the 26th of March at 8.30 in the morning. Join us from your home or office matt for a morning workout. We will keep you updated with our virtual events in Village intranet.

New Slack channel

Since most of our members choose to work remotely, we created a new Slack channel, #remotevillagers, to stay in touch. Let’s keep talking, changing ideas and giving advice. We will post articles, podcast and other materials related to corona outbreak that we find helpful. Together we are stronger and, hopefully, also less lonely working from home. You can join this channel by clicking the link in general channel.

Assistant service

If you need help with your work, or just going to the store, keep in mind our assistant service.

We are monitoring the situation closely and following guidance from the Finnish authorities. Hopefully, we can get back to normality soon, but until then, we are taking these extra measures to improve the safety of our members and staff.

Please let us know if we can do something else for your business.

Stay safe and let’s keep in touch,
VillageWorks team