Ecocompass – environmental certificate

In March 2023 VillageWorks received the Ecocompass certificate for its work for a sustainable future! An achievement we are particularly proud of. In practice, this means that from now on, we will take environmental factors into account even more closely in our daily work.

In the audit of the certificate, 10 different criteria have been taken into account, and if they are met, the certificate is granted. The prerequisite is that our environmental work is consistent, sufficiently ambitious and goal-oriented, and measurable. We especially focus on paying attention to our purchases, logistics and movement, and communication: how can we make tasks and measures related to these themes more sustainable. In addition, we strive to focus even better on the reuse of materials, especially when renovating. Environmental work will also be visible in our future events.

Our work and measures performed are reported to Ecocompass at least annually.

In addition, one prerequisite was familiarizing the staff with the program and following up-to-date legislation and waste management. The correct storage of chemicals and their use have also been taken into account in the audit.

The certificate and continuous work development show that we take environmental issues seriously. No one can do miracles alone, but it is the responsibility of each of us to think about our actions and choices in terms of the environment and to modify our operating methods to be more environmentally friendly.

Together towards a better tomorrow!

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