Our community is made of brilliant and forward-looking professionals that wish to work in positive environment. Today more than 400 companies and entrepreneurs call Village Works their home.

Our values are Joy De Vivre, Thrive and Open-Mindedness.

Khuon Le, CEO, Village Works



Community ambassadors are mentors in our network of professionals. Ambassadors come from different fields of expertise and they have a leading role in helping members to grow. We organize regular workshops and learning events together with our ambassadors.

Niko & Kirsi

Great Minds

Great Minds has extensive and varied experience developing businesses in different fields and working with different business phenomena. Niko Herlin and Kirsi Kostia coach and consult management teams.

Jussi Heinilä


Founder of Accelerando Oy, Jussi Heinilä, has helped Finnish companies to internationalize for over 20 years. Jussi Heinilä is helping our members to find funding to support their international growth.

Panu Kause


Panu Kause, is professional in strategic and project planning. Panu Kause gives advice in leadership, understanding business environment changes, and creating international strategies.

Pekka Peltoranta

Digital Audit Company

Pekka Peltoranta has 20 years of experience in auditing. He audits, consults and executes company mergers and acquisition. Over the years, he has helped companies to modernize their auditing to save time and costs.

Sean Carnegie-Brown

Let’s talk

Sean Carnegie-Brown has spent over twenty years in the language industry helping companies operate in international markets. He offers practical help and advice to companies doing business in English.

Sani Leino

SALES Consulting 

Sani Leino is a Social Business and Selling coach. Sani Leino has over 10 years of experience in successful B2B and B2C sales. Leino is mentoring our community with sales and helps to modernize sales processes.

Become an ambassador

We are always looking for new enthusiastic ambassadors to join our community. Our ambassadors are forerunners in their field of expertise and are happy to share their knowledge with others. Ambassadors job is to mentor other members and take a leading role in the community.

Our community is composed of 400 companies and 900 professionals. Through the mentor program, ambassadors will receive plenty of visibility and many other tangible benefits. Contact us to hear more.


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