Villageworks office hotels

Welcome to get to know VillageWorks office hotels! Within our 8 unique premises you surely find something that suits your unique needs.

Offices? No doubt! Coworking? Ofcourse. Meeting rooms? So many of them! Phone Booths? I bet you! Reception services? At your service. Podcast-studio? Yes, and such a beautiful one! Central location? For sure. Location somewhere more peaceful? Can do. Possibly some coffee too? Always and limitlessly!



Network and let your creativity run free at historic and fabulous Suomitalo!

Suomitalo is an inspiring and unique office hotel where you can enjoy beautiful architecture, high ceilings and verdant views. Suomitalo, located next to the Kirkkopuisto at Lönnrotinkatu, offers a broad range of classy coworking, office and meeting spaces, as well as cozy communal spaces. Suomitalo is a perfect fit for companies who value beautiful architecture, central location and lively work-communities.

Freda aula


Cozy, affordable, and right at the heart of Helsinki – welcome to Fredrikinkatu!

Freda’s office and meeting spaces are located close to all the central services – from restaurants to gyms and post offices. Freda is a perfect package for small companies for whom an affordable price, cozy atmosphere and closeness to the center are at the core of office choice.

VillageWorks Lauttasaari


Private offices, coworking, meeting spaces, auditorium and an event space with sauna and rooftop terrace – easy-going Laru is the whole package!

Laru, located at the Vattuniemi, Lauttasaari, is a homely and cozy workplace that perfectly suits companies who value verdant environment, good transport connections and easy-going atmosphere. Because of its good location, you can reach Laru easily with either public transportation, your own car or bike. There are also lots of stores and restaurants nearby – the closest lunch buffet being in the same building! In addition, we organize refreshing morning yoga & breakfasts.

VillageWorks Sähkötalo


Lively Sähkötalo is a work & meet center in the heart of Helsinki – here you can switch from work mode to leisure mood within minutes!

Sähkötalo, designed by legendary Alvar Aalto, is an office hotel at the most convenient location in Helsinki, right next to Kamppi shopping center. Sähkötalo offers a wide range of coworking, office and meeting spaces. Our reception downstairs is ready to help you on every day of the workweek. Thanks to excellent transportation connections and great service- and restaurant offerings, Sähkis is a perfect workplace for all who enjoy urban and lively lifestyles.

Kallion Valaan terassi


Welcome to Valas – an urban workplace above the roofs of Kurvi!

VillageWorks Valas is a versatile and urban office hotel in the center of Kurvi. Recently renovated Valas offers a great variety of offices, meeting rooms and coworking-stations. In addition, Valas has two stylish event spaces, a nice sauna and a large rooftop balcony. This office hotel can be easily reached with both public transportation and bicycle, and you can store your bike safely to the bicycle park at the inner yard of the building. And hey – there’s something nice happening in Valas every week – some of the regulars being refreshing morning yoga and splendid breakfasts!


VillageWorks Eteläesplanadi


Eteläesplanadi, Espa in short, is an elegant combination of valued location, minimalistic design and functional workspaces – this unique premise is a perfect choice for quality-conscious companies!

Eteläesplanadi, located next to Kauppatori, is home for many hardcore entrepreneurs – investment firms, lawyers and experts from different fields of business – which is no wonder, because Esplanadi is definitely the heart of Helsinki’s buzzing business world. To make things run smoothly at the premise, the estate’s professional and friendly reception service is at your service on every day of the workweek. Espa is a top-notch destination for companies who prioritize excellent service-offering, exceptional location and easy office-life!

VillageWorks Erottaja


Great location and cheerful spirit – combination of old and modern, representative yet relaxed, Erottaja unites the best of both worlds!

From Erottaja you’ll find a range of office spaces, cozy meeting rooms, quiet phone booths, comfortable communal spaces and a modern podcast-studio. Erottaja’s bottom floor hides a spacious parking hall and a bicycle park where your vehicle can be safely stored, and estates friendly reception service is at your and your guests service on every day of the workweek.

Erottaja 2

Erottaja 2

Beautiful new office hotel Erottaja 2 will open on 1st of March, 2024!

Magnificent offices, a business lounge, presentable meeting rooms and comprehensive lobby services…there’s many reasons to choose Erottaja 2! Come to work in a historic & inspiring environment, from where you can easily continue to after work to the hustle and bustle of the city center. You can easily reach Erottaja 2 by public transport, by car or on foot. Come and experience the new Erottaja 2!



Gorgeous Sinihelmi provides a flawless working environment in Mankkaa, Espoo!

Offices, coworking, meeting rooms and lots of phone booths – bright and newly renovated Sinihelmi is a space for concentration and getting work done. The estate’s delicious lunch restaurant makes sure your energy levels stay high throughout the day, and the downstairs gym gives you an opportunity to quickly sweat off work-stress. Or maybe hitting a ball is more like your thing? Good news – Tapiola Golf court is only minutes away! Located by the route 1, Sinihelmi can be quickly reached by car or bicycle, and the building has plenty of space for parking. Sinihelmi is a pearl you don’t want to pass!