Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge, located in the center of Kamppi, Helsinki, offers a beautiful environment for important meetings and inspiring company events. Breathtaking panorama views from the 13th floor make Sky Lounge a memorable experience for every visitor.

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On top of roofs

At the southern end of Sky Lounge, you will find a big hall room that can take up to 35 people. At the north side, there is a smaller lounge area which is equipped with atmospheric sauna and a large, glassed-in balcony.

In the center of Kamppi

Beautiful Sky Lounge is located right in the center of Kamppi, which makes it easy to reach no matter the vehicle in use.

Easy parking

Located on the -1 floor of the building, Europark parking hall is the easiest place to park your car while visiting Sky Lounge.

Two meeting spaces

There are two gorgeous meeting spaces in the Sky Lounge. Dusk is a perfect place to organize small meetings and sauna nights, where as Dawn can be used to host events for up to 35 people. You can also rent both sides at the same time.

Scandinavian elegance

Sky Lounge's Interior follows Scandinavian simplistic, functional and beautiful style, and it's designed to last time.

Catering services nearby

The most convenient way to organize catering to your event is from the restaurant Factory, located in the same building. There are also plenty of other restaurants nearby.

Enjoy the warmth of sauna

Give your mind and body a break between important meetings and enjoy the warmth of sauna. On the north side of Sky Lounge, in the Dusk lounge area, you can hold small meetings, enjoy the heat of sauna, marvel at the views and refresh in the large glassed-in balcony.

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Sky Lounge

Salomonkatu 17, 13th floor, 00100 Helsinki