Welcome to VillageWorks’ website, which can be reached from By using the website of BCP RE Helsinki Oy (Business ID 2189209-5) (hereinafter referred to as VillageWorks), and of its subsidiaries, you agree to follow the terms of use and privacy protection rules in force at any given time. The e-mail and postal addresses for register queries:, Fredrikinkatu 61 A, 6th floor, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland


Personal data is processed according to the data protection legislation, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations and other national legislation including the EU GDPR and the Personal Data Act (5.12.2018/1050). Personal data refers to such essential information, which can be used to identify an individual, and which is protected by legislation.

The data protection practices are applied to all our web pages and to the software used by us, including registering for events and for customer service and invoicing and reservation systems. Our website and software may include links to third party pages. We shall not be held responsible for the data protection practices of other websites in the event that their data protection practices differ from ours. After you have registered into our systems, or after you have filled in the contact form, we ask you to give your contact information, credit card information and the company’s identification information. We may use your information for our own commercial purposes in order to offer those of our services and marketing materials, which are of interest to you. We then have the possibility to contact you by letter, e-mail or phone, for example. You also have the right to reject direct marketing or remote sales. If in the future you do not wish to receive our marketing materials, you can cancel them from the link in the materials.

After you have bought one of our services, or concluded an agreement with us, you agree that such personal data of yours, which might be essential for the delivery of the services you have ordered, may be handed over to third parties, if necessary.  

You shall have the right to inspect and correct any information pertaining to you. The requests for such measures must be made in writing in such a way that you can be identified with the help of an identifier. 


We use cookies on our website. They are used for the purpose of gathering information about our users. Additionally, we gather information pertaining to the use of our website with the help of various analysing tools, such as Google Analytics.

The information we have gathered is used for the analysing of the pages and keywords used, and of the demographic information, such as location, size and line of business. 

VillageWorks uses Suomen Asiakastieto’s company and decision maker database as one of it’s information provider sources. For more info, please visit VillageWorks also uses Bisnode as one information provider.

Our sites may also have camera surveillance and recording systems, which record your visits to a site. 


VillageWorks shall ensure that its website contains the most up to date and correct information about the company’s services. We have concluded agreements with the service providers and suppliers and the information you have shared shall be preserved carefully. Credit card information shall not be used for any other purpose than for paying the service you have ordered. 

Personal data may be handed over to the authorities only if required by law. Such instances might be, for example, a court order, a summons, or investigations by supervising authorities. 

After you have ordered services from us we send you marketing messages and newsletters, which may include the name of the company you represent. 

VillageWorks may alter its data protection practices at any time, or block access to its website in a way it considers most appropriate.


VillageWorks shall under no circumstances be held liable for data system break-ins, or for the safety of servers, or for the illegal interception of your data via an Internet connection. We follow the industry standards for maintaining data protection practices. 

Our sites may also have camera surveillance and recording systems, which record your visits to a site. Our partners carry the main responsibility for preserving the stored information. As a clarification, it should be noted that VillageWorks shall bear no liability for the preserving, or destroying, of camera recordings.


VillageWorks shall own all the intellectual property rights, which include, but are not limited to, the trademark, copyrights and the contents of the website. The above-mentioned materials may only be used for personal purposes. As a clarification, it should be noted that the said materials may not be used for any own commercial purposes without a prior written agreement with VillageWorks.


The social media accounts owned by VillageWorks are primarily intended for those who are interested in the services and events. The media pages contain public conversations, which can be commented on by anyone following the pages. However, VillageWorks shall not allow comments, which contain libel, discriminate against religious convictions or other ethnic groups, or contain other advertisements than those, which have been agreed for together with VillageWorks. In the event of such cases, VillageWorks shall have the right to remove from VillageWorks’ social media accounts any inappropriate comments together with the commenting rights of those who have posted them. The users must respect other users and the above-mentioned terms of use of VillageWorks. 


The registers are located in the company’s or third parties’ electronic systems. Access to the register is reserved to such persons, who are employed by BCP RE Helsinki Oy, or by its subsidiaries, and need the information for their tasks. The registers are protected by usernames and passwords. 

In case manual material is printed out from the register it is kept in a locked space. Only the VillageWorks staff and the authorities designated by law shall have access to the material. 


This website uses Google Analytics, the Google Inc. (Google) website analysing software. The JavaScript code of the analysing software is run in the service during each page download. Google Analytics identifies the visitor by using cookies, which are small data files stored into the browser. The information about the use of the website is transferred and saved into Google’s services and Google uses this information in order to provide reports about the website’s use. BCP RE Helsinki Oy (VillageWorks) utilises this information in order to study the use of the website and in order to improve its services. 

The website may use also other website analysing software besides Google Analytics, which software may provide more detailed information about the visitors than Google Analytics. The operating areas and times of such software are usually restricted and they are usually connected with the development of the website or of one of its services. 

The information or statistics gathered during the website analysing shall not be linked to the information in the user register. Google may deliver the analytical information about the website to third parties, or Google or BCP RE Helsinki Oy (VillageWorks) and its subsidiaries may use third parties as sub-contractors for information processing. 

The user can block the use of cookies by activating cookie blocking in the browser settings. In this case, the user possibly cannot utilise all the website functions.