Effective solution for

property owners

With our service model, property owners can offer flexible workspace solutions without having to worry about running the business. Through us, you will have access to our flexible space infrastructure, our unwavering experience of over 15 years in the industry, and a network of hundreds of companies and leads.

The largest private provider

of flexible workspaces in Finland

VillageWorks is Finland’s largest private company providing flexible workspaces and has been on the market the longest. Founded in 2008, the Finnish-owned VillageWorks has grown into a multi-location organization. Today, our core offerings are centered around versatile spaces, a wide range of services, and an active community.

Flexible solutions

for a new era of workspaces

Office spaces with services for companies of different sizes.

Coworking locations for flexible workspace solutions.

Business Lounge – an elegant space for representation and working.

Virtual offices as an affordable address and support service for businesses.

Meeting and workshop rooms in a central location.

Event spaces for corporate events and private celebrations.

Examples of our client companies


We strive to make our spaces responsible from the perspectives of the environment, workplace well-being, and cost efficiency. Flexible contracts and functional communal areas enable more efficient use of spaces and create opportunities for encounters throughout the day. Good locations, in turn, allow for commuting by public transportation and bicycle. We are committed to conserving natural resources, and our work has been awarded the EcoCompass environmental certificate.

Our services for property owners

Maintaining the infrastructure

We will take care of the organization, installation and maintenance of the needed infrastructure for the flexible working space. This includes for example reservation systems, invoicing, data networks, furniture, printing machines, coffee makers and the list goes on – everything one needs at a workplace.

Effective flex space

management system

Our management software is a versatile and trustworthy reservation, invoicing, space and customer management system. With our system, making reservations and managing spaces are made simple and effective.

In 2021 we launched VillageWorks application that allows us to provide even better user experience for our members while using the intrasystem.

Sales and marketing of the spaces

Our experienced and active sales team is there for you – and for all the customers and potential customers in need of new office spaces. Our marketing team will make sure the spaces are visible where they need to be – in rental portals, social media, search engines and multiple other marketing & sales channels.

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