work and event spaces

Because work (and life) should be both functional and fun!
Work in a good company and celebrate in cozy and cool environments – VillageWorks provides spaces for good everyday and fabulous fun!

more than just a workspace

Here at VillageWorks, the workspaces aren’t only a place to work – besides being a great place to work too, they are a place to connect, refresh and learn!

By renting workspaces from us, you and everyone in your team become VillageWorks members, which means that you are welcome to all our events and gain access to our broad benefits bank. And in addition to aforementioned, short notice times, flexible contracts, comfortable spaces and our amazing community coordinators are just a few of the great benefits that come along with VillageWorks membership!

Small or medium sized company? We recommend getting your own office! Microenterprise or a freelancer? Coworking combines ergonomic workspaces and new networks! Maybe looking for someone to take care of your mails – and perhaps you also have an occasional need for coworking or meeting rooms? Take a look at our Virtual Office -packages! Upcoming meeting, conference or a podcast-recording? We have lots of meeting rooms, two big auditoriums and a beautiful Podcast Studio right in the heart of Helsinki!

event spaces

Sauna night, bachelor party, birthdays, corporate event – or just a Friday? In order to host a fabulous event, the event space needs to live up to the expectations! Get to know our event spaces with sauna in Kamppi, Sörnäinen and Lauttasaari, and become enchanted by elegant Ballroom in Suomitalo, Lönnrotinkatu.

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