Terms of use


Access rights

BCP RE Helsinki (hereinafter referred to as VillageWorks) grants you the right, in accordance with the terms featured in this document and all applicable acts and regulations, to review and download material on the VillageWorks website solely for personal and non-commercial use, provided as the user you retain all copyright information and other proprietary information contained in the original material in all copies you make of the material. All rights not explicitly granted in this document are retained.

Immaterial rights

All immaterial rights (e.g. copyrights, trademarks, domain names) related to the service belong to the creator of the piece, VillageWorks, or its partners. No information from the online services may be presented, duplicated, copied, transferred, distributed onwards, stored, edited, spread, published, reused, licensed, sold or otherwise used for commercial purposes without the written permission, provided in advance, of the copyright holder, VillageWorks, or its partner. However, the content may be saved or copies made for personal use. All immaterial rights related to the material shall be retained by their owner. If VillageWorks expressly permits it, users of the website may download or print information published on the page, and the use and public presentation of such material is also permitted in public communications, provided the source is stated.


VillageWorks’ websites and their content are a service provided for the users of VillageWorks pages. VillageWorks does its utmost to ensure that the content of the site is correct and available at all times, without disruptions. Despite this, the content of VillageWorks’ online service is provided on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. Village works does not provide any guarantees as to the accuracy or reliability of the content of the site, nor regarding the uninterrupted, timely and correct functioning of the site. VillageWorks, its licensors, partners, persons responsible and employees are not responsible for any direct, indirect, immediate, intermediate, unexpected or accidental damage, consequential damage, punitive damage or any other damage resulting from the use of the VillageWorks website or its content, suppression of its use, or information or programmes on the website. The VillageWorks website may contain links to sites or applications owned and maintained by third parties; such references are considered a service provided exclusively for the users. VillageWorks does not undertake any responsibility relating to the page, application, its content, or the accuracy of the content. When visiting these pages, the own terms of use of the pages in question shall apply. VillageWorks retains the right to make changes to its website at any time.

Material produced by the user

By providing material (such as information, feedback, images, questions, ideas, orders, etc.) to any of VillageWorks’ servers, for example by email or via the VillageWorks website, the party providing the material accepts and confirms the following:

– The material does not contain any illegal, threatening, defamatory or pornographic material or material that incites ethnic or racial hatred, is offensive to religious beliefs, violates immaterial rights, or is otherwise unsuitable for publication.

– Before the material is transferred, you have taken measures considered reasonable to detect and remove any viruses or other flaws or destructive elements.

– You own the material and/or have unrestricted rights to transfer it to us and VillageWorks may publish the material at no cost and use it or any ideas mentioned within it in its own products for no compensation, without restrictions on use, without mentioning the source, and for no additional fee or liability.

– You accept that you will not commence legal measures against VillageWorks regarding the material you have transferred and you commit to indemnifying

VillageWorks against any costs and damages it may incur, as initiated by any party against VillageWorks in relation to the material you have supplied. VillageWorks has the right to delete any material shared by users at any time. VillageWorks does not take any responsibility and nor may it be held responsible for any material transferred to its servers.

Terms of use for social media

The purpose of VillageWorks’ social media accounts is to provide a discussion platform for those interested in VillageWorks. However, we are not responsible for the comments left on the site by users. We retain the right to delete from our site content that violates these terms of use or that we consider otherwise inappropriate. Respect other users and their views and act according to good practice. We do not permit any immoral material, and nor do we accept any threatening, defamatory or pornographic material or material that incites ethnic or racial hatred, is offensive to religious beliefs, is advertising or infringes copyright. Users who act in a manner contrary to the terms of use may have their right to comment on content on the page removed. Members of VillageWorks staff must inform users that they are representing VillageWorks.

Alterations to the site

VillageWorks retains the right, at any time and for any reason, to make changes to the content of the site, prevent access to the site, or restrict or end access to the site without providing separate notice. VillageWorks is not accountable in any way to the user for changes to or closure of the site.

Revision of the terms of use

VillageWorks retains the right to make changes to these terms of use at any time, without prior warning. The changes shall come into force as soon as they are visible on the site.